Summer Camp Tips: Top Things To Bring To Summer Camp

Summer Camp Tips: Top Things To Bring To Summer Camp

Parenting is controlled chaos. At least it is in my family. Getting everyone ready and out the door at the same time is no small task. After we’re finally out the door and leaving the house, it’s inevitable that I start worrying about what we forgot to bring. My secret weapon to combat this feeling is having a good list.

We want the GCA Super Star Summer Camp to be as stress-free as possible for our campers and their parents, so we put together this basic list of what you should bring to summer camp each day. Keep it handy when you are getting ready. Let’s go!

Summer Camp Check List

Here are the things that your kids should bring to our summer camp:

  • Athletic clothing for running, and jumping
  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Goggles for swimming
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch (bring your own or get one from us)
  • Sunscreen
  • Shoes or sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • A Completed Health Form

Go through this list together with your child and work as a team to pack for camp. Talk about what their expectations are. What are they most excited about? What activity do they hope to do? What are they worried about?

Have everything on our list that applies to you? Great! Now you can relax knowing your child has everything they need while they focus on having fun at the Super Star Summer Camp!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 856-795-4599 or emailing

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6 Ways to Choose A Summer Camp

6 Ways to Choose A Summer Camp

1) Physical Education:

Teaching children the importance of health and wellness through physical movement at an early age can encourage them to live an active lifestyle as they grow. Summer is the ideal time of year for parents to take the opportunity to ensure their children attend a day camp in South Jersey where they can learn through physical and active play. Parents should make the most of this opportunity by choosing a summer camp that will help children learn physical discipline, improve coordination and balance, improve confidence and self-esteem, and further develop fine motor skills.

Physical education can be implemented in camp through structured lessons in swimming, gymnastics, parkour, tumbling, and cheerleading. The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy of Cherry Hill offers flexible sports camp options where kids can engage in structured activities that encourage children to further develop their physical prowess. Our trained and experienced staff offers campers the opportunity to take swimming lessons, gymnastics and tumbling lessons, parkour and ninja training, cheerleading classes, and archery lessons in our 12,500 square foot air-condition indoor facility which sits on three acres of fenced in property, ensuring kids get plenty of time inside and out.

2) Extracurricular Activities:

In addition to lessons, parents want kids to have unstructured fun and playtime to further develop children’s social skills and interests. Super Star Summer Camp has plenty of activities for campers to play on including, our mini-golf course, arts and crafts area, 30 foot slip n’ slide, moon bounce, zip-line, laser-tag, playground and sandbox, gaga pit, and large sports field.

3) Session Length and Price:

Summers can be hectic, as parents not only need to plan around their work schedules but family vacations and summer events can interfere. Further, impromptu vacations from camps in South Jersey to nearby beaches mean that parents want a flexible attendance schedule and local access to highways. Accordingly, parents need to keep in mind session length, attendance, and price when comparing camps. Coupons are incredibly helpful to ease the cost of camp attendance and we encourage parents to contact camps to see if any special offers are available. Super Star Summer Camp offers 2, 3, 4 or 5 day full day camp options for weekly sessions. Further, our Junior Star Campers (ages 6 and under are offered half-day options to ease the introduction of little ones into school-day hours.

4) Meal Planning:

Parents know that it can be hard to pack temperature-safe lunches for picky eaters. It isn’t sanitary for refrigerated meals to sit in the warm sun all day and not all kids want sandwiches for lunch. Super Star Summer Camp makes lunch and snacks easy for parents. We have refrigerators for campers who choose to bring their lunch and microwaves to warm meals, if needed. This ensures that lunches are kept at proper, sanitary temperatures and gives parents the flexibility to send a variety of meals for lunches. Some camps offer meal plans and snacks, but variety can be limited and pricing can be expensive. Super Star Summer Camp offers affordable catered lunches for campers during the week and Pizza Friday for campers. Catered lunches cost between $3.00 to $5.00 dollars per meal and orders can be customized and placed in advance or upon arrival for the camp day.

5) Flexible Registration:

Some parents prefer have peace of mind and register for camp early, while others need to wait to determine their summer schedules. We officially opened enrollment March 1, 2016 for those who choose to reserve their place early. While we encourage parents to register early to hold their child’s place, we understand that not everyone is in this position. For those who are unable to determine their child’s camp attendance until early summer, or would only like to attend specific days and weeks, we offer the option of registering at any time throughout the duration of camp.

6) Camp Tours and Open Houses:

With so many options for day camp in South Jersey, it can be hard to choose which is the right fit, especially if families have never been to the camp location. To ensure that the camp you select is the right fit for your child, we encourage families to call their top choices and see what the possibilities are for private tours and open houses. Super Star Summer Camp offers private tours, on appointment, and currently has scheduled three open houses for families to learn more about us. Our Open Houses are scheduled for Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open Houses are the perfect time to come and meet our staff, tour our indoor and outdoor facilities (and check out our swimming pools, ninja warrior obstacle course, mini-golf course, archery field, sports field, playground, outdoor trampolines and tumbling area, and more!), ask questions about the camp day, and learn more about what we offer. Parents can call or check out our website to learn more about when our open houses are scheduled.

About Us:
The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy’s Super Star Summer Camp is a staple in the South Jersey and we are considered the premier summer day camp for the area. Our New Jersey State Approved Youth Camp runs from June 20th through August 26th for boys and girls ages 3 through 13. We offer a variety of attendance options, including half and full day options in addition to a 5, 4, 3, or 2 day camp week. Our 12,500 square foot indoor facility is fully air-conditioned offers laser-tag, zip-lines, in-ground trampolines, in-ground foam pit, large spring floor, climbing ropes, and more to ensure kids can stay dry on rainy days and cool during the summer heat. Our fenced-in outdoor area has canopied areas to ensure children do not spend all day in the sun and features two in-ground swimming pools, in-ground trampolines, playground and sandbox, ninja obstacle course, archery field, 30 foot slip n’slide, arts and crafts area, gaga pit, and a large sports field. Registration is now open, call today to schedule a tour or R.S.V.P. to our Camp Open House!

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What Exactly Is Parkour?

If you enjoy watching action-packed movies, then you might have seen an example of parkour movement right in front of your eyes. Have you ever seen a difficult stunt performed on TV or at a live entertainment show and wished you could do it too? Now you actually can, by practicing parkour classes! Parkour is exactly what the term defines – the sport of maneuvering quickly and negotiating obstacles through perfected movements, such as flipping and tricking. The practice has become widely popular in the last few years, evolving from an area of professionals-only to a large movement technique that is now available to people of all ages.


Not Just for Stunt Artists
Parkour, also called flipping and tumbling, is a discipline taught by certified professionals. It is quite different from martial arts because it does not focus on self-defense. It isn’t a sport either, since there is no competition or scores being kept. The practice consists of a lot of climbing, running, doing tricks, jumping and flipping. Nowadays, many gyms teach and practice the art of parkour movement to kids, which provides them with exercise and helps them understand their body. Learning the technique is a fun activity that the kids love! That’s why we include it as a program in our Super Star Summer Camp aside from teaching it as a regular course.

Our Version of Parkour Techniques
Parkour class is one of the newer programs we have added to our facility. The practice is included in our summer day camp program at our gym in South Jersey, and is also available as an optional class. Our parkour course is a form of acrobatics that follow the basics of gymnastics in order to attempt physical and challenging obstacles. The children are taught about the history of the discipline and what it entails, as well as the skills to practice the technique.


Handling the Chase
Some people may confuse parkour movement with free running. The difference between the two is that free running involves performing tricks and moving freely without following a specific path. Imagine yourself being chased, and you come across a rail or a wall. What would you do in order to get away as fast as possible? Knowing the movement of parkour would put you at an advantage in such a situation, hypothetically speaking. But the practice can be thought of as the chase concept.

The Benefits of Parkour Ninja
Your child can highly benefit from learning parkour in a variety of ways. It helps them to control their mind and body as one and can be applied in any rural or urban place, at any time. Those who practice parkour techniques will also develop a greater understanding of their bodies, as well as be more aware of their surroundings. Aside from typical sports, parkour movement is a great way for kids to improve their self-esteem and build confidence. You never know, your kid may grow up to be on an episode of American Ninja Warrior!

For more information on our parkour program, checkout our parkour page on our website.

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7 Tactics That Will Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Perhaps you have decided to enroll your child into our Super Star Summer Camp here at The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy. That is awesome! We are so excited to have your son or daughter join in on the fun and activities we have planned for this season. Our summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to grow and learn during the summertime, as well as get exercise. Some of the reasons you may have opted to sign your child up for summer camp are because you want him or her to gain experience, make friends and have a source of entertainment while you are away at work. But how does your son or daughter feel about the situation?

Every personality is different, and some children tend to become homesick faster than others, are shy or do not feel comfortable right away in a new setting. If your child may be dreading their time at summer camp, there are a few pieces of advice that can help him or her overcome their fear. Summer camp is an opportunity for kids that sometimes requires emotional preparation for both the child and the parent.

At our facility, we focus on helping kids improve their self-esteem by teaching them techniques and allowing them to engage in fun activities. We train our students to comprehend the importance of health and wellness through physical movement. When you drop off your child to our Super Star Summer Camp, they enter through the doors every day to an experience of learning and growth. We put in safety measures for all of our activities and ensure that our facility is hazard-free at all times. Our programs are also very flexible so that parents can coordinate their kid’s Super Star Summer Camp attendance according to their schedule and budget.

At our gym, we have dealt with a variety of young personalities that, by the end of the day, were truly happy with their experience at our Super Star Summer Camp. We recommend several tactics that will help prepare you and your child for summer camp.

1. Schedule a routine for drop off and pick up. Do a practice run and time it. Become familiar with the route of travel to the summer camp before the first day.
2. Have your child pack their own knapsack. This will help them get excited. Include a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen and lunch.
3. Openly communicate the summer camp specifics with your son or daughter. Be open with them and be encouraging.
4. Review the summer camp contact information and make sure you have it on hand ahead of time. Our contact information can all be found easily on our website.
5. Inform your child of what they should expect at camp. This allows them to look forward to what they will be experiencing.
6. Practice summer camp activities at home with supervision. This may help your child feel enthusiastic about what activities they will be doing.
7. Have your young one wear an article of clothing they would wear at camp. This can help get their spirits up about going to camp.

If you are considering registering your child for our Super Star Summer Camp Program, contact us today! Download our brochure that is available on our website.

summer camp prepare

summer camp prepare2

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How to Select the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

summer camp swim

Because every child’s personality is different, their preference in doing activities and how they socialize may vary. Summer camp gives kids the chance to grow and learn while the parents are away at work. With so many summer camps available in the area, it can be hard to decipher which one is right for your child. There are a number of aspects that make a summer camp worth it for your child – or not. At the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy, we offer an extensive and flexible summer camp for children, called the Super Star Summer Camp.

Many parents may struggle with determining whether summer camp is beneficial for their kids, which is why our camp professionals are here to help. A high-quality summer camp offers kids much more than what they may have available in their neighborhood. The fun activities and exercise allow children to be away from the pull of high-technology, such as video games and TV – which is rare these days. Time away from home without the parents around can give kids the room to become independent and learn how to make choices on their own.

So, how can you tell which summer camp would have all the amenities and entertainment there is to offer? At the Gymnastics Academy, we are here to answer that question for you. Most parents prefer to pick a day camp that is near their commute or near where they live. The best way to gain an insight and wide perspective of a summer camp program is to speak directly with the camp directors. Our camp directors are always available to provide information about our Super Star Summer Camp and are more than willing to explain all the details.

It is important to know what specific qualities the summer camp has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of aspects to consider when searching for the right summer camp for your child.

Does the summer camp meet your budget requirements? Excellent summer camps will offer flexible hours and rates.

What is the history of the summer camp? A camp that has years of experience is a factor that shows it is successfully operated and follows safety standards.

What is the summer camps’ philosophy? Quality summer camps have a specific focus and integrate it well into their program.

Is the staff well-trained? The supervisors in the summer camp should have good references and be knowledgeable in safety procedures.

Does the summer camp offer choices for kids? The more activities that are offered, the more choices the child will have to choose from according to preference.

Is a communications plan active at the summer camp? The summer camp should have a systematic way of contacting parents in case of an emergency.

At the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy, our Super Star Summer Camp provides a variety of opportunities for both boys and girls. Contact us today to find out more about our amazing programs available for the summer season.

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