Ninja Courses & Flip Programs

Our Flips and Courses class is a combination of warrior style obstacle courses, parkour, tricking, flipping, and extreme balance training. Parkour is a newer form of “acrobatics,” that originated in France and has made its way around the world.

These acrobatic skills are basic forms of gymnastics and are best mastered in an environment tailored for extreme tricks.

The GCA facility was specifically built as a training facility for physical activity and as such we are well equipped to train parkour enthusiasts in skills of their choice using top of the line equipment and safety gear.

The curriculum for our Flips and Courses program is rooted in strength, movement, balance training, and tumbling. We utilize a variety of equipment including trampolines, foam floors, spring floors, ski floors (leading into our in-ground, loose foam pit), vaulting tables, bars, tumble track, various ropes and more.

Our Flips and Courses change each week and each course is designed according to class level. Obstacle courses utilize tumbling mats and barrels, various rope challenges, springboards, mini-trampolines, balance mats, blocks, and more. We also utilize slack lines, balance boards, jumping stations. These courses are designed to help our students master acrobatic skills, tumbling, balance and coordination that links to snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and skateboarding, and any other activity that demands strength, coordination, and balance.

1 Hour Flips and Courses

Ages: 6-11

Length: 1 Hour

All warriors in training will work on developing their strength and coordination while learning and perfecting the following skills and techniques.

  • Stretch – 10 minutes
  • Trampoline – Jumps, jump sequences, seat drop, spins, handsprings and flips (with a spotter)
  • Training Courses – Vaults, precision jumps, rope challenges, wall run, climbing, bounce and balance techniques
  • Floor – Rolls, handstand, cartwheel
  • Bars – hanging, jump support, jump to bar from platform, swinging
  • Vault – board entry, vault entry, proper landing techniques

1 1/2 Hours Flips and Courses

Ages: 8-12

Length: 90 Minutes

All 1-hour class skills must be completed before joining

All warriors in training will work on developing and perfecting the next set of skills and techniques.


  • Stretch – 10 minutes
  • Trampoline – Handsprings, various flips, flip sequences
  • Training Courses –   The next level of vaults, precision jumps, rope challenges, wall run, climbing, bounce and balance techniques
  • Floor – Handstand, round off, dive roll, handsprings, flips
  • Bars – jump to bar from platform, tap swings, , jump support, jump from bar to platform
  • Vault – Board entry, vault entry, round off and front handspring over vault table

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