If you enjoy watching action-packed movies, then you might have seen an example of parkour movement right in front of your eyes. Have you ever seen a difficult stunt performed on TV or at a live entertainment show and wished you could do it too? Now you actually can, by practicing parkour classes! Parkour is exactly what the term defines – the sport of maneuvering quickly and negotiating obstacles through perfected movements, such as flipping and tricking. The practice has become widely popular in the last few years, evolving from an area of professionals-only to a large movement technique that is now available to people of all ages.


Not Just for Stunt Artists
Parkour, also called flipping and tumbling, is a discipline taught by certified professionals. It is quite different from martial arts because it does not focus on self-defense. It isn’t a sport either, since there is no competition or scores being kept. The practice consists of a lot of climbing, running, doing tricks, jumping and flipping. Nowadays, many gyms teach and practice the art of parkour movement to kids, which provides them with exercise and helps them understand their body. Learning the technique is a fun activity that the kids love! That’s why we include it as a program in our Super Star Summer Camp aside from teaching it as a regular course.

Our Version of Parkour Techniques
Parkour class is one of the newer programs we have added to our facility. The practice is included in our summer day camp program at our gym in South Jersey, and is also available as an optional class. Our parkour course is a form of acrobatics that follow the basics of gymnastics in order to attempt physical and challenging obstacles. The children are taught about the history of the discipline and what it entails, as well as the skills to practice the technique.


Handling the Chase
Some people may confuse parkour movement with free running. The difference between the two is that free running involves performing tricks and moving freely without following a specific path. Imagine yourself being chased, and you come across a rail or a wall. What would you do in order to get away as fast as possible? Knowing the movement of parkour would put you at an advantage in such a situation, hypothetically speaking. But the practice can be thought of as the chase concept.

The Benefits of Parkour Ninja
Your child can highly benefit from learning parkour in a variety of ways. It helps them to control their mind and body as one and can be applied in any rural or urban place, at any time. Those who practice parkour techniques will also develop a greater understanding of their bodies, as well as be more aware of their surroundings. Aside from typical sports, parkour movement is a great way for kids to improve their self-esteem and build confidence. You never know, your kid may grow up to be on an episode of American Ninja Warrior!

For more information on our parkour program, checkout our parkour page on our website.