Perhaps you have decided to enroll your child into our Super Star Summer Camp here at The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy. That is awesome! We are so excited to have your son or daughter join in on the fun and activities we have planned for this season. Our summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to grow and learn during the summertime, as well as get exercise. Some of the reasons you may have opted to sign your child up for summer camp are because you want him or her to gain experience, make friends and have a source of entertainment while you are away at work. But how does your son or daughter feel about the situation?

Every personality is different, and some children tend to become homesick faster than others, are shy or do not feel comfortable right away in a new setting. If your child may be dreading their time at summer camp, there are a few pieces of advice that can help him or her overcome their fear. Summer camp is an opportunity for kids that sometimes requires emotional preparation for both the child and the parent.

At our facility, we focus on helping kids improve their self-esteem by teaching them techniques and allowing them to engage in fun activities. We train our students to comprehend the importance of health and wellness through physical movement. When you drop off your child to our Super Star Summer Camp, they enter through the doors every day to an experience of learning and growth. We put in safety measures for all of our activities and ensure that our facility is hazard-free at all times. Our programs are also very flexible so that parents can coordinate their kid’s Super Star Summer Camp attendance according to their schedule and budget.

At our gym, we have dealt with a variety of young personalities that, by the end of the day, were truly happy with their experience at our Super Star Summer Camp. We recommend several tactics that will help prepare you and your child for summer camp.

1. Schedule a routine for drop off and pick up. Do a practice run and time it. Become familiar with the route of travel to the summer camp before the first day.
2. Have your child pack their own knapsack. This will help them get excited. Include a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen and lunch.
3. Openly communicate the summer camp specifics with your son or daughter. Be open with them and be encouraging.
4. Review the summer camp contact information and make sure you have it on hand ahead of time. Our contact information can all be found easily on our website.
5. Inform your child of what they should expect at camp. This allows them to look forward to what they will be experiencing.
6. Practice summer camp activities at home with supervision. This may help your child feel enthusiastic about what activities they will be doing.
7. Have your young one wear an article of clothing they would wear at camp. This can help get their spirits up about going to camp.

If you are considering registering your child for our Super Star Summer Camp Program, contact us today! Download our brochure that is available on our website.

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