As soon as the school year is over, the kids are finally free from homework assignments, tests and classrooms. Their brainpower switch for academics might have turned off, but now it can be exercised doing other activities! Rather than succumb to technology by watching the HD television or playing video games, children can participate in sports and summer camps such as the Super Star Summer Camp program – a great way to experience rewarding results, perfect skills and learn new abilities.

A Great Advantage
Many parents understand that summer camps are all about fun and exercise – but it is actually more than that! Signing up a child to attend summer camp provides them with a great advantage for improvement and learning. Summer camps may seem costly, but they are extremely flexible and can meet any budget. Whether it is two weeks or eight weeks, two days a week or all five days of the week, kids can achieve a lot by attending camp. All you have to do is pick the program that is right for you and your child.

Sure, summer camps offer a range of physical activities and outdoor entertainment. But they also help build social skills, self-esteem, promote active exercise and much more. Plus, summer camps offer cognitive growth compared to a typical daycare in terms of building skills, training and practicing. We at Super Star Summer Camp offer a wide range of sports and summer programs that feature gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming lessons, flip and trick lessons, ninja courses, balance training and much more.

If you are deciding whether to send your child to a sports or summer camp, these reasons can help you come to a solution.

Boosting Confidence – Because the parents won’t be around, camp provides children with the opportunity to make their own decisions and realize their capabilities.

Understanding Diversity – The change of scenery exposes children to other kids that they may not meet on a normal basis. Interacting with other people their own age from multiple cultures can help widen their view of the world.

Grasping Nature – Kids who tend to spend more time indoors are able to come face to face with nature at summer camp. Allowing youth to connect with nature is a big positive to attending camp, whether it is spotting a frog hopping in the grass or walking a trail.

Gaining Leadership – Leadership skills are instilled at camp through the direction of projects, decision-making and feeling empowered. This learning ability helps steer kids away from peer pressure.

Making Memories and Friends – Camp provides an open ground for socializing, which creates new friendships. Memories are made to last a lifetime, from laughing and playing, being silly and making new achievements.

Good Time Spent – Aside from offering fun physical activities, cognitive growth and training, summer camps provide a place for children to be while parents are at work. It’s a great opportunity for children to utilize their time effectively. It’s a win-win situation!


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