Gymnastics Teams

The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy has three competitive gymnastics team programs: 1) USAG 2) USAIGC and 3) Our In-House Team.

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Updates: Congratulations girls!

USAG Junior Olympic Team competition is the highest level of gymnastics team competition in the country. Our coaching staff is highly committed to helping our gymnasts. We train USAG Teams competing Level 2 through Level 10. Gymnastics is an extraordinary sport that develops flexibility, strength, grace, discipline, control, coordination, goal orientation, confidence, creativity, leadership, a healthy body and positive self-esteem. Through hard work and dedication, gymnasts can improve their abilities and possibly even represent the United States in major competitions. It requires both talent and dedication. Our girls teams train between two and five days per week depending on their level. Many of our graduating gymnasts continue to compete in college on scholarships. We now offer TOPS training to those interested in attending TOPS testing.

For questions about our USAG Team Program e-mail

US Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs (USIGC)
We also offer a USAIGC team and currently train girls from the Bronze to Gold level. This program operates under the guidelines of USAIGC rules. It is a team designed to allow talented gymnasts who have the ability and determination to compete in the sport of gymnastics, a less intensive training format (in relation to USA Team Gymnastics). The USAIGC team practices are flexible so that the gymnast may have additional time for other activities outside the gym.

In-House Team
Our In-House Gymnastics Team is combined with our Super Advanced Class to allow our students the opportunity to showcase their skills in a minimally competitive format. In our class, students will master higher-level tumbling, beam, and bar skills and incorporate them into routines. Students will then perform these routines at friendly, in-house meets in front of experienced professional judges. Scoring will identify skills which need further development and provide students with the opportunity to enjoy friendly competitions among classmates. Parents will be advised of the dates and times of meets in advance and are invited to attend with family and friends.

Congratulations to the Gymnasts below on their athletic scholarships! Good Luck in your Future Endeavors!


Jordana Ginzburg – University of Rhode Island
Christine Skiffington – James Madison University
Prishani Seebadri – Rutgers University
Casey Santangelo – Rutgers University
Melissa Ashman – Wisconsin University
Jessica Rea – University of California
Brianna Skiffington – Kent State
Jennifer Aucoin – New Hampshire
Stephanie Smart – Kent State
Rachel Daub – Rutgers University


Maureen Valentine – Louisiana State University
Kathy Heckman – Auburn University
Cindy Chiolo – Ithaca College
Ann Lohmann – Iowa State
Linda Schmauder – Michigan State
Kelli Wright – Illinois University
Mika Goldstein – Utah State
Heidi Kaye – Ohio State
Doreen Slimm – West Virginia State
Greg Williams – Indiana State
Jim Kenny – Syracuse University
Harris Schechtman – Temple University
Dave Thomas – Temple University
Jeff Zahn – Naval Academy
Jaime Smith – University of New Hampshire
Jenny White – Springfield College
Stephen Tobin – Penn State