Cheer Tumble

Our Cheer and Tumble Program utilizes our:

  • 12,500 sq. ft. indoor facility
  • 40ft. x40 ft. spring floor designed for team practices and boot camp
  • 25ft. x60 ft. foam cheer floor for tumbling classes and practices
  • 20ft. indoor tumble track and additional outdoor tumble track (weather permitting) to get you started tumbling quick and easy
  • four (4) in-ground trampolines (two (2) inside and two (2) outside, weather permitting
  • SKI FLOOR that tumbles directly into a LOOSE FOAM PIT
  • Our facility was built 25 years ago specifically for Cheerleading and Gymnastics. It’s not an old warehouse that was converted into a gym. We built it from the ground up with the sole purpose of creating the perfect learning atmosphere for Cheer and Gym.
  • Cheer Tumble

    (ages 6 – 11, 1 hour)

    Students in the Cheertumble class will work on their Tumbling skills and passes

    • Stretch – 10 minutes
    • Floor – Rolls, handstand, cartwheel, round off, tic toc, walk overs, handsprings (with a spotter if needed), various tumbling passes
    • Trampoline – Jumps, jump sequences, jump hurdle round off, handsprings and flips (with a spotter if needed)