Summer Camp for Boys and Girls ages 3 – 13!

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Parkour Classes and Ninja Style Obstacle Courses!!!

These programs are in addition to what we usually offer. Each day we will run Parkour classes to learn about the sport, learn the skills, and practice running through our Courses. We will also have different levels of Ninja Style Courses that are more challenging. The idea is to combine Gymnastics and Parkour Skills and use them while attempting our various Ninja style courses.

- We will also have Slack lines, various balance boards (similar to skateboards, surfboards, and snowboards), and in ground Trampolines outside under the Big Top. We call this our “Extreme Balance Training”.


JUST CHEER! Summer Cheerleading Camp

– Held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm – 3pm
- Just Cheer is an exciting program that is offered during camp hours and can be attended to as part of the camp day or on its own. The program is designed to teach cheerleading enthusiasts their jumps, tumbling skills and passes, and cheer routines. Participants will gain confidence by performing routines in front of other campers on several occasions and by performing for a larger audience on family night.

Outside Open Gym – This Summer we are offering an Outside Open Gym to anyone who wants to practice on our Outside In Ground Trampolines, Balance Boards/Slacklines, Tumbling Equipment, Parkour Courses, and Ninja Style Obstacle Courses. This will be offered on weekdays from 4:30 – 6:30 to students ages 6 – 14, according to the weather. First Timers pay the registration fee (if you’re not already registered). Anyone already registered in the school can try their first time for free. Any other time will be $20 for the 2 hours.


Thank you to everyone who participated this past year in Summer Camp here at The GCA! Each year has been a great experience and we are happy to have all the memories to hold on to.

*please click on the Summer Camp tab at the top of the page to see information on the Camp/Gym facilities, Days and times, Camp programs, Rates, and to get a Camp Application form.