What to Expect From a Youth Gymnastics Class, as a Parent


Some parents have been associated with gymnastics for years, while others are experiencing the sport for the first time with their child. While gymnastics is a great athletic activity for young children, it doesn’t have to be a competition of who will enter into the Olympics. By participating in gymnastics classes, your child is already winning – by gaining self-esteem, learning new motor skills and understanding why health is important.

When you imagine what your child will be doing in their gymnastics class near Philadelphia, many thoughts may cross your mind. But we can assure you, not one tumble or flip will be had unless it is being supervised. We decided to provide a general guide of what goes on in practice. The schedule for the course is carried out depending on the length of the class, the age group being taught and how attentive the children may be. Plus, we have an observation deck that over see’s the entire gym so parents can watch the class while it’s happening.

Upon Arrival
As all students arrive for their class, the instructors double-check to make sure each child is wearing the proper apparel. We have bath rooms for those who prefer to change into their outfit on-site. Students are required to wear leotards with their hair pulled back. Make sure to check in at the front desk during your child’s class so we can keep track of attendance.

Warm Up Stretches
It’s important to warm up the muscles before doing strenuous activity, so that injury can be avoided. We use age-appropriate physical exercises to heat up the body before getting into the gymnastics activities. Some of the stretches we do include butterflies, splits, shoulder rolls and bridges. After the stretching phase is complete, each group goes with their specific instructor to the first event. Water and bathroom breaks most often happen in between events.

Gymnastics Techniques
When teaching our students new gymnastics movements, we utilize the equipment of our gym, such as the floor mats, balance beams, trampolines and uneven bars. Some of the skills the children learn during the course is how to cartwheels, stand on their hands and do round-offs, do rolls and handsprings. Advanced level courses feature challenging tumbler moves and flips, as well as the perfection of previously learned abilities. We have the kids follow drills in an upbeat atmosphere to help them perfect their skills while having fun.


Cool Off and Final Meeting
At the end of the class, the instructor provides the children with words of encouragement and will ask them what they’d like to work on doing more. Parents are provided with any announcements that our academy has, such as special events or course information. During this time, students can cool off from their activities by drinking more water and using the bathroom.

This sample of our gymnastics course timeline is a generalized outline of what we teach and how we teach it. We are currently accepting applications for our fall 2015 – 2016 sessions. Your child can benefit from learning gymnastics, whether it be an increase in self-esteem or athletic skills that can be utilized in high school sports.

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How to Prepare You and Your Child for Their First Gymnastics Class

So you’ve registered your child for gymnastics classes in Philadelphia this fall and you can’t wait for him or her to experience the sport. But are you and your little one prepared for their first day of gymnastics class? It is beneficial for you to know what to expect from your child’s gymnastics class so that you can support him or her along their physical education journey.

Gymnastics is a great athletic activity for young children, compared to organized sports such as baseball. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children under the age of six are not mentally ready for organized sports. In gymnastics, children ages 2 and up can improve their motor skills, such as running, tumbling, catching and throwing. The AAP suggests that small children practice these skills early on.

little gymnastics

As a parent, it can be hard to understand exactly what your son or daughter will need to be ahead of the game for gymnastics class, especially if it will be their first time. Here are several tactics you can do to prepare for the gymnastics season.

1. Be aware of your child’s progress throughout the session.
Take note of what your child’s abilities are now so that you can compare his or her skills later on during the session. This will keep you informed of what he or she has learned during class.

2. Remind him or her that it’s meant to be a fun activity.
There may be times when your child will struggle with a particular skill or they just don’t feel like going to their class that day. Keep in mind that you may have to remind your little one every now and again that gymnastics is supposed to be a fun activity filled with exercise.

3. Plan to help support the gymnastics team.
Some gymnastics teams will have fundraisers to gain the financial support they need to cover expenses. Decide if you would want to participate in their fundraising efforts beforehand, so that you can be involved when the time comes.

4. Be time sensitive.
Always make sure you bring your child to practices and meets on time, in courtesy of the instructors and other teammates.

5. Educate yourself about gymnastics.
Study up on the gymnastics sport and learn about its history. Having knowledge of the sport will help you understand your child’s perception about their training.

6. Have your child’s gymnastics wardrobe ready.
You will most likely be able to purchase gymnastics uniforms and apparel through the facility. However, stocking up on gymnastics garments is not a bad idea. You can find leotards and other clothing for the sport online and at your local sports store.

7. Make connections with other parents.
Before classes start, get mentally prepared for socializing and meeting other parents. Not only is it a great way to make new friends and playdates, but it also is helpful in formulating carpools to and from classes.

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Registration for fall gymnastics classes is now open to the public at the Cheerleading and Gymnastics Academy in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pick from our selection of flexible courses, check the availability and sign up today.

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Why You Should Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday at the Academy

Your child’s birthday is coming up soon and you want to plan an event that he or she will enjoy with family and friends. With so many entertainment facilities throughout the region, which one should you pick? After all, the celebration isn’t only about rejoicing the life of a child. From the parent’s point of view, it’s also about celebrating the day their kid was born. For a memorable experience that will last a lifetime for you and your child, consider throwing a party in our gym at The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy.

At our Academy, our gym has a variety of activities to offer besides cheerleading and gymnastics training. If your son or daughter loves playing outside and being active, then the Academy is the perfect place to host their birthday party. Watch the kids as they play together in the gym under the supervision of trained professionals doing fun activities such as the moon bounce, Tarzan rope and zip line. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even want to return to the party room for cake! If you are wondering whether The Gymnastic and Cheerleading Academy is a good place for your child’s birthday party, we explain four reasons why it definitely is:
Entertainment for Kids of All Ages
In a gym with so much exercise entertainment, there are no limitations to the guest list. The Academy is a great facility for amusing kids of all ages rather than just one age group. Parties can be held for children from ages 4 to 12 and they can select which activity they would prefer to do. Due to safety reasons, we allow up to thirty children in a session at one time so that attentive supervision can be properly conducted.

Extremely Affordable
Some entertainment facilities can charge up to $400 for less than fifteen kids per party. Talk about expensive! At the Academy, we charge a set price of $300 for 15 kids, but you can add to the guest list for $15 each additional child. This comes as an all-inclusive package, complete with the party room reservation, invitations, activities and more.

Supplies Included
When you book a birthday party with us, we supply the paper products, balloon, party favors and invitations for you! This creates less of a burden during your planning process. The only thing you need to supply is the birthday cake, food and the kids. For a quick and easy party, the Academy is a great option. We also provide directions with the invitations and can mail them for you.

An Active Adventure
At the Academy, your little one will be in jungle-gym paradise. Many entertainment facilities only provide one particular activity at a time for a party, such as bowling or roller skating. Your child will love that there are eight different activities to explore and choose from! Some of our other activities include a giant obstacle course, cargo net, trampolines and the Tumble Trak.

The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy is conveniently located in Cherry Hill, NJ – the center of the South Jersey region, just minutes from Philadelphia. To sign up for a birthday party or to view a tour of our gym, visit our website or call us at 856-795-4599.

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Summer Camp for Boys and Girls ages 3 – 13!

Welcome to South Jersey’s most versatile Summer Camp! Super Star Summer Camp has been offering our programs to the surrounding areas of Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, etc for over 25 years. Click on the Camp Brochure link to read more about it or watch our Commercial to get a glimpse into the fun programs we have.

Click Here – 2015 Summer Camp Brochure



***Look for our Commercial on Nickelodeon, TLC, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet.


Parkour Classes and Ninja Style Obstacle Courses!!!

These programs are in addition to what we usually offer. Each day we will run Parkour classes to learn about the sport, learn the skills, and practice running through our Courses. We will also have different levels of Ninja Style Courses that are more challenging. The idea is to combine Gymnastics and Parkour Skills and use them while attempting our various Ninja style courses.

- We will also have Slack lines, various balance boards (similar to skateboards, surfboards, and snowboards), and in ground Trampolines outside under the Big Top. We call this our “Extreme Balance Training”.


JUST CHEER! Summer Cheerleading Camp

– Held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 1pm – 3pm
- Just Cheer is an exciting Cheerleading program that is offered during camp hours and can be attended to as part of the camp day or on its own. The program is designed to teach cheerleading enthusiasts their jumps, tumbling skills and passes, and cheer routines. Participants will gain confidence by performing routines in front of other campers on several occasions and by performing for a larger audience on family night.

Thank you to everyone who participated this past year in Summer Camp here at The GCA! Each year has been a great experience and we are happy to have all the memories to hold on to.

*please click on the Summer Camp tab at the top of the page to see information on the Camp/Gym facilities, Days and times, Camp programs, Rates, and to get a Camp Application form.

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2014 – 2015 Class Programs!

2014-2015 BROCHURE!

Registration for The Gymnastics Academy’s 2014 – 2015 Class programs is now open to the General Public. We have been offering top quality Gymnastics and Cheerleading lessons to the South Jersey area for 40 years! We have also branched out to offer Flip and Parkour classes over the past few years. Click on the Classes tab at the top of the page to see our Class Days/Times, Dates, and General Information about the Program. Give us a call, 856 795 4599, during the week between 12 – 7 or on Saturdays between 10 – 1 to check availability and sign up. You can also stop by during office hours. We are located at 5 Larwin Rd, Cherry Hill NJ.

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***Special discount for anyone already signed up at our school***
If you have a child currently signed up in any of our programs you can get a 10% off discount for traning sessions at FitMix. Fitmix is a personal training gym located in the plaza next to us, so you can drop your kids off at our school and then head over to Fitmix to get your own personal training session. Please contact us or Fitmix, http://fitmixtraining.com/ for more information.

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