What to Expect From a Youth Gymnastics Class, as a Parent


Some parents have been associated with gymnastics for years, while others are experiencing the sport for the first time with their child. While gymnastics is a great athletic activity for young children, it doesn’t have to be a competition of who will enter into the Olympics. By participating in gymnastics classes, your child is already winning – by gaining self-esteem, learning new motor skills and understanding why health is important.

When you imagine what your child will be doing in their gymnastics class near Philadelphia, many thoughts may cross your mind. But we can assure you, not one tumble or flip will be had unless it is being supervised. We decided to provide a general guide of what goes on in practice. The schedule for the course is carried out depending on the length of the class, the age group being taught and how attentive the children may be. Plus, we have an observation deck that over see’s the entire gym so parents can watch the class while it’s happening.

Upon Arrival
As all students arrive for their class, the instructors double-check to make sure each child is wearing the proper apparel. We have bath rooms for those who prefer to change into their outfit on-site. Students are required to wear leotards with their hair pulled back. Make sure to check in at the front desk during your child’s class so we can keep track of attendance.

Warm Up Stretches
It’s important to warm up the muscles before doing strenuous activity, so that injury can be avoided. We use age-appropriate physical exercises to heat up the body before getting into the gymnastics activities. Some of the stretches we do include butterflies, splits, shoulder rolls and bridges. After the stretching phase is complete, each group goes with their specific instructor to the first event. Water and bathroom breaks most often happen in between events.

Gymnastics Techniques
When teaching our students new gymnastics movements, we utilize the equipment of our gym, such as the floor mats, balance beams, trampolines and uneven bars. Some of the skills the children learn during the course is how to cartwheels, stand on their hands and do round-offs, do rolls and handsprings. Advanced level courses feature challenging tumbler moves and flips, as well as the perfection of previously learned abilities. We have the kids follow drills in an upbeat atmosphere to help them perfect their skills while having fun.


Cool Off and Final Meeting
At the end of the class, the instructor provides the children with words of encouragement and will ask them what they’d like to work on doing more. Parents are provided with any announcements that our academy has, such as special events or course information. During this time, students can cool off from their activities by drinking more water and using the bathroom.

This sample of our gymnastics course timeline is a generalized outline of what we teach and how we teach it. We are currently accepting applications for our fall 2015 – 2016 sessions. Your child can benefit from learning gymnastics, whether it be an increase in self-esteem or athletic skills that can be utilized in high school sports.

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How to Prepare You and Your Child for Their First Gymnastics Class

So you’ve registered your child for gymnastics classes in Philadelphia this fall and you can’t wait for him or her to experience the sport. But are you and your little one prepared for their first day of gymnastics class? It is beneficial for you to know what to expect from your child’s gymnastics class so that you can support him or her along their physical education journey.

Gymnastics is a great athletic activity for young children, compared to organized sports such as baseball. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children under the age of six are not mentally ready for organized sports. In gymnastics, children ages 2 and up can improve their motor skills, such as running, tumbling, catching and throwing. The AAP suggests that small children practice these skills early on.

little gymnastics

As a parent, it can be hard to understand exactly what your son or daughter will need to be ahead of the game for gymnastics class, especially if it will be their first time. Here are several tactics you can do to prepare for the gymnastics season.

1. Be aware of your child’s progress throughout the session.
Take note of what your child’s abilities are now so that you can compare his or her skills later on during the session. This will keep you informed of what he or she has learned during class.

2. Remind him or her that it’s meant to be a fun activity.
There may be times when your child will struggle with a particular skill or they just don’t feel like going to their class that day. Keep in mind that you may have to remind your little one every now and again that gymnastics is supposed to be a fun activity filled with exercise.

3. Plan to help support the gymnastics team.
Some gymnastics teams will have fundraisers to gain the financial support they need to cover expenses. Decide if you would want to participate in their fundraising efforts beforehand, so that you can be involved when the time comes.

4. Be time sensitive.
Always make sure you bring your child to practices and meets on time, in courtesy of the instructors and other teammates.

5. Educate yourself about gymnastics.
Study up on the gymnastics sport and learn about its history. Having knowledge of the sport will help you understand your child’s perception about their training.

6. Have your child’s gymnastics wardrobe ready.
You will most likely be able to purchase gymnastics uniforms and apparel through the facility. However, stocking up on gymnastics garments is not a bad idea. You can find leotards and other clothing for the sport online and at your local sports store.

7. Make connections with other parents.
Before classes start, get mentally prepared for socializing and meeting other parents. Not only is it a great way to make new friends and playdates, but it also is helpful in formulating carpools to and from classes.

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Registration for fall gymnastics classes is now open to the public at the Cheerleading and Gymnastics Academy in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pick from our selection of flexible courses, check the availability and sign up today.

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What Exactly Is Parkour?

If you enjoy watching action-packed movies, then you might have seen an example of parkour movement right in front of your eyes. Have you ever seen a difficult stunt performed on TV or at a live entertainment show and wished you could do it too? Now you actually can, by practicing parkour classes! Parkour is exactly what the term defines – the sport of maneuvering quickly and negotiating obstacles through perfected movements, such as flipping and tricking. The practice has become widely popular in the last few years, evolving from an area of professionals-only to a large movement technique that is now available to people of all ages.


Not Just for Stunt Artists
Parkour, also called flipping and tumbling, is a discipline taught by certified professionals. It is quite different from martial arts because it does not focus on self-defense. It isn’t a sport either, since there is no competition or scores being kept. The practice consists of a lot of climbing, running, doing tricks, jumping and flipping. Nowadays, many gyms teach and practice the art of parkour movement to kids, which provides them with exercise and helps them understand their body. Learning the technique is a fun activity that the kids love! That’s why we include it as a program in our Super Star Summer Camp aside from teaching it as a regular course.

Our Version of Parkour Techniques
Parkour class is one of the newer programs we have added to our facility. The practice is included in our summer day camp program at our gym in South Jersey, and is also available as an optional class. Our parkour course is a form of acrobatics that follow the basics of gymnastics in order to attempt physical and challenging obstacles. The children are taught about the history of the discipline and what it entails, as well as the skills to practice the technique.


Handling the Chase
Some people may confuse parkour movement with free running. The difference between the two is that free running involves performing tricks and moving freely without following a specific path. Imagine yourself being chased, and you come across a rail or a wall. What would you do in order to get away as fast as possible? Knowing the movement of parkour would put you at an advantage in such a situation, hypothetically speaking. But the practice can be thought of as the chase concept.

The Benefits of Parkour Ninja
Your child can highly benefit from learning parkour in a variety of ways. It helps them to control their mind and body as one and can be applied in any rural or urban place, at any time. Those who practice parkour techniques will also develop a greater understanding of their bodies, as well as be more aware of their surroundings. Aside from typical sports, parkour movement is a great way for kids to improve their self-esteem and build confidence. You never know, your kid may grow up to be on an episode of American Ninja Warrior!

For more information on our parkour program, checkout our parkour page on our website.

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7 Tactics That Will Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Perhaps you have decided to enroll your child into our Super Star Summer Camp here at The Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy. That is awesome! We are so excited to have your son or daughter join in on the fun and activities we have planned for this season. Our summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to grow and learn during the summertime, as well as get exercise. Some of the reasons you may have opted to sign your child up for summer camp are because you want him or her to gain experience, make friends and have a source of entertainment while you are away at work. But how does your son or daughter feel about the situation?

Every personality is different, and some children tend to become homesick faster than others, are shy or do not feel comfortable right away in a new setting. If your child may be dreading their time at summer camp, there are a few pieces of advice that can help him or her overcome their fear. Summer camp is an opportunity for kids that sometimes requires emotional preparation for both the child and the parent.

At our facility, we focus on helping kids improve their self-esteem by teaching them techniques and allowing them to engage in fun activities. We train our students to comprehend the importance of health and wellness through physical movement. When you drop off your child to our Super Star Summer Camp, they enter through the doors every day to an experience of learning and growth. We put in safety measures for all of our activities and ensure that our facility is hazard-free at all times. Our programs are also very flexible so that parents can coordinate their kid’s Super Star Summer Camp attendance according to their schedule and budget.

At our gym, we have dealt with a variety of young personalities that, by the end of the day, were truly happy with their experience at our Super Star Summer Camp. We recommend several tactics that will help prepare you and your child for summer camp.

1. Schedule a routine for drop off and pick up. Do a practice run and time it. Become familiar with the route of travel to the summer camp before the first day.
2. Have your child pack their own knapsack. This will help them get excited. Include a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen and lunch.
3. Openly communicate the summer camp specifics with your son or daughter. Be open with them and be encouraging.
4. Review the summer camp contact information and make sure you have it on hand ahead of time. Our contact information can all be found easily on our website.
5. Inform your child of what they should expect at camp. This allows them to look forward to what they will be experiencing.
6. Practice summer camp activities at home with supervision. This may help your child feel enthusiastic about what activities they will be doing.
7. Have your young one wear an article of clothing they would wear at camp. This can help get their spirits up about going to camp.

If you are considering registering your child for our Super Star Summer Camp Program, contact us today! Download our brochure that is available on our website.

summer camp prepare

summer camp prepare2

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How to Select the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

summer camp swim

Because every child’s personality is different, their preference in doing activities and how they socialize may vary. Summer camp gives kids the chance to grow and learn while the parents are away at work. With so many summer camps available in the area, it can be hard to decipher which one is right for your child. There are a number of aspects that make a summer camp worth it for your child – or not. At the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy, we offer an extensive and flexible summer camp for children, called the Super Star Summer Camp.

Many parents may struggle with determining whether summer camp is beneficial for their kids, which is why our camp professionals are here to help. A high-quality summer camp offers kids much more than what they may have available in their neighborhood. The fun activities and exercise allow children to be away from the pull of high-technology, such as video games and TV – which is rare these days. Time away from home without the parents around can give kids the room to become independent and learn how to make choices on their own.

So, how can you tell which summer camp would have all the amenities and entertainment there is to offer? At the Gymnastics Academy, we are here to answer that question for you. Most parents prefer to pick a day camp that is near their commute or near where they live. The best way to gain an insight and wide perspective of a summer camp program is to speak directly with the camp directors. Our camp directors are always available to provide information about our Super Star Summer Camp and are more than willing to explain all the details.

It is important to know what specific qualities the summer camp has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of aspects to consider when searching for the right summer camp for your child.

Does the summer camp meet your budget requirements? Excellent summer camps will offer flexible hours and rates.

What is the history of the summer camp? A camp that has years of experience is a factor that shows it is successfully operated and follows safety standards.

What is the summer camps’ philosophy? Quality summer camps have a specific focus and integrate it well into their program.

Is the staff well-trained? The supervisors in the summer camp should have good references and be knowledgeable in safety procedures.

Does the summer camp offer choices for kids? The more activities that are offered, the more choices the child will have to choose from according to preference.

Is a communications plan active at the summer camp? The summer camp should have a systematic way of contacting parents in case of an emergency.

At the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy, our Super Star Summer Camp provides a variety of opportunities for both boys and girls. Contact us today to find out more about our amazing programs available for the summer season.

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